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Game Rules

1. No one will be allowed to play without shoes and a shirt.

2. Barefeet, flip flops and high heels are not allowed, players must wear enclosed shoes at all timesduring the game.

3. No physical contact between players.

4. Maintain at least 6 feet minimum distance at your opponents.

5. No abusive language.

6. No sharp objects, weapons or illegal substance are permitted on the gaming ground.

7. Notify Alpha One staff "Master Chief" of any sharp objects or sand on gaming ground.

8. Please consult your physician if you have asthma, epilepsy, heart condition, or pregnant prior to play.

9. Individuals with any physical ailment and need assistance need to advise Alpha One staff.

10. In the event of feeling dizziness, or hardtime breathing, please notify Alpha One staff as soon as possible.

11. No large flights of stairs leading to set up / game area due to our heavy equipment. ( Event will be cancelled / postponed )

12. Set up / game area cannot be any more than 50 feet from our service truck. If the set up / game area is more than 50 feet from our service truck, an extra $25 fee will be added to your total amount due.

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