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What is Alpha One Laser Tag?
We are a family owned gaming organization, a former US Military and current Pre school teacher working together with our three children  to provide a  safe and enjoyable laser tag experience  to children and adults. We provide TOP OF THE LINE and user friendly guns  appropriate for all ages 8 and above. Children at the age of 7 years old require adult supervision. We are the best priced service on the market.

Can Laser tag be played indoors also?
YES! We can do it inside the Gym, Warehouses, apartment clubhouses with property owner permission.

Can I book additional hours the day of the event?
We can accomodate you as long as  we do not have another scheduled party that might be conflict with your schedule. It is always best to book additional hours before the event to save your spot.

How old should the player be?
Lazer tag are best played by 8 years old and up. We can let 7 year olds play as long as the parent will participate and assist the  child.

How long does one game take?
We normally set the game 5 to 20 minutes long.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation can be made 7 or more days prior to the event and will not incur any cancellation fee. Any cancellation made  less than 7 days prior to the event, will incur a non refundable cancellation fee of $25.

What happens if it rains?
If the weather predicts rain in the forecast you will be notified prior to your event. This will give you ample time to find an alternative option for your laser tag event. Such as an indoor area, if available. If you are unable to provide an enclosed area, you will be given the option to reschedule your event or refund your deposit.

How many players can play at a time?
We can accomodate up to 10 players. The celebrant is able to participate  in every game.

What kind of surface can we play on?
We preffer a grassy area free of any sharp objects, animal droppings and bodies of water. We can also set up inside the gyms,warehouses, in your backyard as long as ther's room for our barricades and inflatables.

Do we need to sign a Liability  Release Form?
YES! The individual who made the reservation will sign the Liability Release Form for all players and guest they invited accepting the full responsibility for any accidents or damages on their own property.

What should I wear to play Laser tag?
We recommend active  wear that is comfortable enough to participate in game play, however you can wear any outfit as long as you are wearing a closed toe shoes (no sandals) then you can play. We encourage players to wear any of their camouflage outfit.

What is Zombies Mode?

Zombies Mode is a fun and adrenaline rushing game mode. One person will be selected as a zombie, while the rest are humans. The zombies mission is to infect all the humans (kill them) so that the zombies spread. The humans jobs are to keep from being killed by the zombies and stay alive until the match ends ( 8 mins ).

If by the end ofthe match humans are alive the humans win. If th zombie infects everyone the zombies win.

What is a Utility Box?

The utility box can be used for multiple reasons. It can be used as an ammo box, a respawn box, a station for King of the Hill, and much more!

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